Here are the most commonly asked questions about MVEC

Where can I pay my MVEC bill?

We have four conveniently located offices, and over 25 pay stations to serve you. To locate a payment center near you, click below. Pay Station Locations

What steps do I need to take to connect service?

To become a member of Magic Valley Electric COOP, fill out our Membership form here.

Membership Application Form

Can I pay my bill by credit card?

Yes, MVEC accepts Master Card and Visa Payments. Fill out the credit card section on the back of your bill, stop by one of our offices to pay in person, or pay online using our convenient online payment option.

What is a customer charge?

Prior to the rate changes that went into effect on September 1, 2011, Magic Valley Electric Cooperative entered into a contract with C. H. Guernsey and Company (an engineering consulting firm) to prepare a “cost of service study” for our system. The purpose of this study was to determine the cost for providing service to each rate classification, as well as the costs for each class that are customer related, and the costs that are related to the customer’s load (electricity or kilowatt-hour usage). The Cooperative makes an investment and incurs ongoing expenses for any customer connected to the electric system whether or not the customer uses any electricity.

For the residential rate classification, the study identified a total customer cost of just over $20.00 per customer per month. With de-regulation approaching for other utilities, and based on the results of the Cost of Service study, the Cooperative’s Board of Directors and Management concluded that each classification must reflect its own costs, and that rates should be designed so that customers within a class are paying their own costs.

With the current rate design, the subsidization of low or no kilowatt-hour usage customers by normal and high usage customers is largely eliminated.

Do you offer incentives for installing energy efficient appliances?

Our Value Incentive Program (VIP) offers consumer incentives for the replacement of central heat pump systems, central conventional cooling systems, and central dual-fuel systems for single-family dwellings. We will also give recommendations on how to weatherize your home in order to help you reduce energy consumption in your home. For more Energy Conservation information click here

What are Capital Credits?

As member/owners, consumers are entitled to share in all margins earned by the Co-op. The accumulation of capital credits represents the member’s equity, or measure of their share of the ownership of the Cooperative. When the financial condition of the Co-op is adequate to meet all normal and emergency needs, the Board of Directors may approve the return of a portion of these capital credits.

What is a PCRF and why does it fluctuate each month?

PCRF is simply an acronym for Power Cost Recovery Factor. The PCRF is always on your MVEC electric bill and is recalculated every month. All electric utility bills include a PCRF that reflects the rise and fall in the cost of generating wholesale power. This monthly charge shall be increased or decreased on a per-kWh basis. To derive the PCRF charge, multiply the total monthly billed kilowatt hours by the appropriate monthly factor found on your billing statement.