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And put an end to your monthly bill.

Make the Payment That’s Right for Your Budget

  • Prepaid metering accounts do not receive monthly statements. Account transaction history (kilowatt hour usage, charges, and payments) is available online at
  • Prepaid metering accounts are not subject to late payment fees or disconnection/reconnection fees.
  • Prepaid metering accounts are subject to all other charges applicable to conventional billing rates.
  • Prepaid metering accounts will be subject to immediate disconnection anytime an account does not have a positive balance (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • Prepaid metering accounts do not require a security deposit
  • Prepaid metering accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements, budget billing or bank draft.
  • Energy assistance is applied only upon receipt of payment by the Cooperative. Pledges will not be accepted to prevent disconnection of service.
  • Payments are posted only after they are received by Magic Valley Electric Cooperative.
  • Payments made in the depository will not be posted until 9:00 am the next business day.

    Alerts and Communications ($25.00 Low-Balance Notification):

    Prepaid Amount Due:

    Note: If a Prepaid account is disconnected due to a credit balance not being maintained, the amount due plus a minimum of $25.00 must be paid before service will be reconnected.

    50% of each payment made towards the prepaid account will be applied to the initial payment arrangement amount until the payment arrangement balance is paid in full.

    EZPrepaid Terms & Conditions:

    I understand the Prepaid Metering Terms & Conditions. I understand that members on EZPrepaid accounts are subject to all of Magic Valley Electric Cooperative’s (MVEC) bylaws, rules and regulations, policies and tariff’s unless otherwise specified in the EZPrepaid Metering Terms and Conditions.

    I also understand that it is my responsibility to monitor my account and to maintain a credit balance in order to receive uninterrupted service. I accept responsibility for any consequences, including personal injury or property damage, which might result from my failure to make timely purchases of electricity in order to maintain uninterrupted electrical service. I understand that if a credit balance is not maintained, my electricity service is subject to immediate disconnection.

    I understand that Magic Valley Electric Cooperative offers a Low-Balance Notification Service to its EZPrepaid members. If elected, it is my responsibility to maintain, and keep MVEC informed, of an available means of communication. I will be responsible for any voice, data or text messaging fees that I may be incurred by signing up for account notifications. I acknowledge that notifications may not be received for a variety of reasons and that there is no guarantee that timely notifications will be received. I further acknowledge that I am responsible for maintaining a credit account balance whether or not timely notifications are received and hold Magic Valley Electric Cooperative harmless from any liability for injuries or damages that might result from failure to receive timely notifications.

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