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Promoting energy efficient homes.

A Proud BUILT TO SAVE® Member

BUILT TO SAVE® is a program that gives a certification to new homes that meet energy-saving standards that exceed code requirements. Each home is inspected, tested, and verified by a third-party inspector. As a proud BUILT TO SAVE® member, Magic Valley Electric Cooperative is helping homeowners conserve energy in our community.

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Benefits of the BUILT TO SAVE® Program for Homebuyers:

When you choose a BUILT TO SAVE® home, you experience a variety of great benefits. BUILT TO SAVE® certified homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind and will help you save energy and money for many years. Additional benefits include:

  • Inspected and tested by an independent, home energy Rater.
  • Tight construction and controlled air filtration.
  • Better indoor air quality.
  • Properly sized HVAC systems.
  • A more comfortable home with properly installed insulation.
  • Better resale value.

Benefits of the BUILT TO SAVE® Program for Builders:

The BUILT TO SAVE® brand identifies builders who are building high-performance homes that can save more money on utility bills than a similar home built to code. Stand out from the competition with energy-efficient, superior construction verified by an independent Rater to be BUILT TO SAVE®.

  • Differentiation from builders who are only building to code.
  • An outstanding source for marketing tools and resources.
  • Rebates from utility companies, if applicable.
  • Opportunities to partner with developers to promote sales.
  • Leveraged marketing with the BUILT TO SAVE® ad campaigns.
  • Homebuyer education on the benefits of a BUILT TO SAVE® home.

Qualifying Criteria for BUILT TO SAVE® Certification

We work with experienced builders who focus on designing energy efficient new homes. To qualify for BUILT TO SAVE® certification, the following criteria apply:

  • Builder and RESNET Certified Rater must be registered with the BTS Program.
  • Builder and Rater must be registered with a participating utility company .
  • Rater must perform a pre-drywall and a final inspection of the home.
  • Home must have a ERI% score of 63 or less or provide proof of being 5% or higher in energy efficiency than required by code.
  • Construction must meet or exceed 2015 IECC levels.
  • Compliance checklists must be completed, verified, and submitted by Rater.


Home Program will offer incentives to home builders that complete and submit certification of the construction of new Program Homes
between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 in the MVEC service territory.

per single-family home:

ERI of 63-55 OR 5%-10% more efficient than code

per single-family home:

ERI of 54-50 OR 11%-20% more efficient than code

per single-family home:

ERI of 49 and below OR 21%+ more efficient than code

Additional Premium

for ENERGY STAR® Version 3.0 checklist

ENERGY STAR® Rated Heat Pump
Water Heater Rebate

Rebates are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis until funds earmarked for the Program are depleted or the program is terminated.
To qualify for a rebate the new home must be certified between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021. The home builder is required to adhere
to the guidelines of the Program, and the new home must be served by MVEC. The terms and conditions of the Program are subject to
change without notice.

Participating Builders

Magic Valley is a proud BUILT TO SAVE® Member

Affordable Homes of S­­outh Texas, Inc.

(956) 687-6263

Berit Custom Homes

(956) 310-8616

Brito Construction

(956) 540-5557

Casa Cordova

(956) 472-5946

Classic Homes

(956) 454-4102

DIVINE Custom Homes

(956) 467-1111

Gomez 3 Construction

(956) 342-7826

Mi Casa Construction

(956) 532-7823

RanMar Construction

(956) 451-7289

Red Moon Builders

(661) 474-0909

Reyna Homes

(956) 487-8989

Rilemar Custom Homes

(956) 648-4093

Sersa Homes

(956) 330-1268

Treasure Builders

(956) 874-3686

Trevino Construction

(956) 539-3636

True Builders

(956) 391-5952

Villa Del Sol

(956) 627-5101

Villa Homes

(956) 431-0376

Villanueva Construction

(956) 800-8889

Waldo Homes

(956) 466-8590

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