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Get Paid to Save

Purchase a Nest Thermostat

MVEC members can now receive a $50 rebate when they submit a rebate application along with a receipt for the purchase of a new Nest Thermostat.

Google Nest Thermostat

Receive a




Plus, receive a $50 MVEC bill credit when you enroll in the MyResponse Program!

Google and Nest Learning thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC

Install Your Nest Thermostat with Ease

MVEC does not install Nest Thermostats, but installation is easy to do yourself. Simply follow the instructions in the video below
to set up your thermostat and begin enjoyable more energy-efficient climate control in your home.

Google and Nest Learning thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC

Already Have a Nest Thermostat?

We have teamed up with Nest to help you save energy and get paid in the process.
Sign up for MyResponse program and help us save energy during peak demand periods, while still keeping you comfortable.

Get Paid to

Get Paid to

Get a $50 bill credit on your MVEC energy bill when you enroll in MyResponse program. You’ll also receive an annual $25 bill credit each additional year you participate in the program.

Here’s How It Works

Help Lower Energy  Demand

As the temperature increases in hot summer days, air conditioners cycle and create “an energy rush hour.” Distribution utilities such as MVEC need more generation to meet the higher energy demand, which in turn drives up power costs.

Tweaking The Temperature

Together, we can work to lower these costs. A Google Nest Thermostat can help you use less energy during the rush hour by cooling your home ahead of time and then tweaking the temperature up a few degrees when it’s needed.

You’re in Control

If you’re home, Nest won’t let the temperature change more than a few degrees. Plus, you always have the option to change the temperature as needed. You’ll stay comfortable. You’ll be in control.


Enrollment Requirements

You must have the following to enroll in this program:

Nest Learning Thermostat

Central Air Conditioning System


Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I get paid?
      • MVEC will give participating members a one-time $50.00 bill credit, one per household, for enrolling in the MyResponse program. In addition, members will receive a $25 bill credit, one per household, for each additional year that members are enrolled in the MyResponse program through September 30th (Example: To receive the current years $25.00 credit, you must be enrolled in the program by May 31 through September 30 of the current year.)
    • How often do rush hour events happen?
      • Rush hour events may occur during the months of June through September. Members can expect to see no more than 36 events from June-September, but this number will depend on overall weather patterns for the season. Members will not have more than one rush hour event per day and can expect a maximum of three events per week.
    • When can members expect rush hour events?
      • Rush Hours events may occur between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays and may last a maximum of two hours.
    • Am I eligible to enroll?
      • In order to enroll in MyResponse program members must :
        • Have a central air conditioning system that is controlled by a Nest thermostat
        • Have Wi-Fi at their residence
        • Have a Nest Account
        • Be an MVEC member
        • Have a valid account with MVEC that is in good standing
    • How do I enroll?

      Follow the steps below to enroll in MyResponse program:

      Please note, you must have a NEST login set up and a Nest Thermostat installed before you can subscribe.


          • Visit, and click on the Sign Up button.
          • Sign into your nest account if you aren’t already signed in.
          • Select the home(s) you want to enroll in the program.
          • Enter your Name, account number and address in the blanks.
          • Read through the terms and conditions and check the box.
          • Then click the “I’m done” button on the bottom of the page.
          • Once your information is verified, Nest will send a confirmation email. This may take up to 2 business days.


          • Tap “Setting” on the home screen.
          • Go to Rebates and Rewards>Nest rebates and rewards.
          • Then follow the same steps as above.

      Call a Customer Service Representative at (866) 225-5683 if you have any questions.

Terms and Conditions

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