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Let’s stay safe. Let’s stay smart.

Everyday Electrical Safety

  • Never turn on an appliance when you’re on a wet floor or in the bathtub or shower.
  • If something seems wrong with an appliance or tool, or it gives even the slightest shock, disconnect it.
  • Have it repaired or discard it.
  • Always disconnect small appliances and tools before cleaning them.
  • To disconnect an appliance or tool, don’t pull the cord: instead, grasp the plug and pull it from the outlet.
  • Don’t run extension cords under rugs or flooring. Be sure that the size of your extension cord is adequate for the tool or appliance.
  • Never touch or approach downed power lines. Always assume that downed wires are energized. Call your local law enforcement office or MVEC immediately to report downed power lines.
      • Never enter a substation or fenced enclosure that surrounds electrical equipment. The fenced-off area is extremely dangerous. Keep ladders and other conductive objects away from electrical lines. If you don’t know whether an object is conductive – play it safe, and assume that it is.
      • If you plan to use an auxiliary generator during a temporary power outage, or at any time, notify us beforehand. Improper installation and use could damage equipment, and seriously injure you or an MVEC employee.
      • Never climb a utility pole or a tree that is near electrical wires.
      • Keep ladders and other conductive objects away from electrical lines. If you don’t know whether an object is conductive – play it safe, and assume that it is.
      • Don’t use electrical tools near water or in the rain. Keep antennas away from power lines.
      • Don’t fly kites near electric wires. If kite string gets caught in power lines, leave it alone; don’t try to remove the string from the lines. Instead, call MVEC for assistance.

Call Before You Dig

The current building trend is to bury utilities underground. Therefore, you must be cautious when digging on your property. Utilities, such as electric, gas, communications, water, and sewer, may be buried on your property. Contact with these lines can lead to a serious injury, or even death. As a result, we now have a law in place that requires all persons, digging 16 inches or deeper, to call a notification center. The call must be at least 48 hours prior to digging.

Notification centers will then contact the utility companies, who will then go out and mark the underground utilities. In Texas, you can call the DIGTESS notification center at 811, or visit their web site at By following these few steps, we can “Dig Safely”.

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Electrical Emergencies

Accidents involving electrical lines or wires require special precautions to prevent further injury. Until the power source has been turned off or removed, always consider an electrical wire or downed power line energized, and maintain a safe distance from it.

Do not touch anyone in contact with a downed power line. Call for emergency medical assistance and contact MVEC immediately.

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Overhead Powerlines

Overhead Power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity. Accidental contact with one of these wires may result in serious injury, or death, as well as equipment damage. Almost all accidents can be avoided with a greater awareness for overhead power lines, and by incorporating safe electrical practices in your work and play. Always keep your tools, equipment, and yourself at least 10 feet from overhead power lines. Know the height of all equipment. Play it safe.

Hurricane Preparation Guide

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